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SIC Code 8322 - Individual And Family Services Mailing List

There are 51208 records in our business mailing list for SIC code 8322: Individual And Family Services.

Equivalent NAICS Code 624110.

Establishments primarily engaged in providing one or more of a wide variety of individual and family social, counseling, welfare, or referral services, including refugee, disaster, and temporary relief services. This industry includes offices of specialists providing counseling, referral, and other social services. Government offices directly concerned with the delivery of social services to individuals and families, such as issuing of welfare aid, rent supplements, food stamps, and eligibility casework, are included here, but central office administration of these programs is classified in Public Administration, Industry 9441. Social Security offices are also classified in Public Administration, Industry 9441. Establishments primarily engaged in providing vocational rehabilitation or counseling are classified in Industry 8331; and fraternal, civic, and social associations are classified in Industry 8641.

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SIC CodeDescriptionCount
SIC 83Social Services167,381
SIC 832Individual And Family Social Services51,208
SIC 8322Individual And Family Services51,208
SIC 832201Geriatric Social Service2,794
SIC 832202Child Related Social Services3,681
SIC 832203Emergency Social Services1,430
SIC 832204Rehabilitation Services2,497
SIC 832205Family Counseling Services10,869
SIC 832206General Counseling Services15,088
SIC 832207Social Services For The Handicapped1,847
SIC 832208Substance Abuse Counseling752


Marigold Technologies can provide you with a Mailing List of Owners and Executives in the Individual And Family Services Industry. Contact us for more information.

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