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VoIP Mailing List: Consumer Prospects

VoIP Consumer Prospects are those with a confirmed Broadband connection at their place of residence and have expressed interest in Voice over IP services.


These VoIP consumer prospects are those with a confirmed Broadband connection at their place of residence. They have responded to innovative Telecom offers in the past and they are ideal candidates for VoIP. This is a must test for any VoIP to consumer offer! Inquire for counts and usage as well as additional selects.


11991994 AT&T+ $5.00/M
4445825 TW Cable+ $5.00/M
2521206 Comcast+ $5.00/M
3780763 Cox+ $5.00/M
2635161 Centurylink-Qwest+ $5.00/M
4713555 Verizon+ $5.00/M


ID Numbers

NextMark ID: 159344
mIn ID: 129146
SRDS ID: 859476-000

List Information

Total Count: 36,603,471
Base Price: $155/M
Source: Compiled lists
Geography: USA
Minimum Purchase: $1,000
Market: Consumer

List Types Available

Postal Mail

List Maintenance

New to market 02/28/2005
Update frequency Monthly

Addressing Options

Mailing Labels$10/

Delivery Options

Email Delivery $50/F


Name Role Email Phone Fax
Ben DeLisle List Manager (646) 442-2077 (888) 761-8817


Are you interested in marketing to a specific subset, demographic, or geographic area of this list? Request a count for the segment you are looking for and we will respond promptly and professionally with the count that matches your exact criteria.

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