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Direct Marketing Clients
Direct Marketing Clients

Custom Mailing Lists & Email Lists

We work closely with you to understand your specific marketing objectives. You have unique marketing needs, and we have deep mailing list capabilities. Together we can produce cost effective ROI, market-share-gaining solutions.

  • You will receive professional service that exceeds industry standards, a list recommendation that will make you say, "This list is absolutely perfect!", and a reliable partner that you can count on for your direct mailing requirements.
  • We do the list research and provide you with mailing list licensing options at no cost. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and money.
  • Our ultrafast database processing servers enable us to turn custom list projects around quickly.

Recent Example

A client wanted to target companies that are doing business exclusively online; that is, they had no storefront - they need to be entirely virtual. We jumped at the chance to scour our database for just such companies and our client was thrilled with the end result: eCommerce Business Owners: No Bricks and Mortar.

Find out What Marigold Can Do for You

Marigold’s business mailing lists have proven effective by leading companies like Pitney Bowes, IBM and Microsoft. Contact Marigold today to learn more about a customized direct marketing list solution.

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