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Direct Marketing Clients
Direct Marketing Clients

Custom Mailing Lists

Don't see the list you need? We can develop custom mailing lists to meet your specific requirements.

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Business Mailing Lists

Marigold Technologies provides direct marketing executives with the highest quality business mailing lists in the industry. Our direct marketing consultants can help you find the right buyers in any niche market, or capture highly qualified sales leads to generate prospects for your sales force, with targeted selects including:

  • Company sizes ranging from SOHO businesses to Fortune 500
  • Job titles and professions including C-Level executives, lawyers, accountants, doctors, recruiters, marketing executives, technical professionals and many more
  • Buyers of competing products, magazine subscribers to industry specific publications

Looking for a mailing list in a particular industry? Try Marigold's SIC Mailing List Finder as well as our NAICS Mailing Lists.

Selected Business Mailing Lists

Click on a mailing list to view detailed information or view all business mailing lists.

List Name Universe
BusinessPros - A Mailing List of Executive Decision Makers33,731,164
A Database of Opt-in email Business contacts25,109,566
An Email List of Business Owners and Executives in the US16,474,342
A Mailing List of Small Business Entrepreneuers13,662,067
A Mailing List of Business Owners and Executives in the US10,521,272
A Mailing List of Business Owners8,474,508
Profound DBI: Digital Business Intelligence Master Database6,992,236
C-Level Executives6,820,119
A Mailing List of Office Product Buyers6,726,941
An Email List of Personal Digital Assitant (PDA) Users at Business Address4,485,600
A Mailing List of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Users at Business Address4,471,898
VoIP Mailing List: Business Prospects3,890,444
VoIP Email List: Business Prospects3,890,444
Email Service Provider - Digital Business Intelligence (DBI)3,829,976
A Mailing List of Business Seminar Attendees3,555,077
Frequent Flyers Email List: Business Travelers2,867,396
A Mailing List of Business Cell Phone Users2,781,164
Businesses Leveraging Website Analytics - Digital Business Intelligence (DBI)2,734,904
A Mailing List of Business Credit Card Users2,369,903
An Email List of Business Credit Card Users2,369,902
A Mailing List of Wealthy Investors at Business Addresses2,338,886
Laptop Buyers at Business Addresses2,214,032
A Mailing List of Computer Buyers at Business Addresses2,101,375
A Mailing List of Women Owned Businesses1,874,275
Businesses with Social Media Presence - Digital Business Intelligence (DBI)1,766,300

In addition to sourcing the highest-quality, highest-return B2B direct marketing lists for our clients, we offer proprietary data that has been hand-selected to ensure maximum accuracy, freshness and relevance for business-to-business direct marketing. Our mailing lists include many that are precisely targeted to specific B2B profiles, including HR administrators, international businesses, frequent flyers and many more.

Find out What Marigold Can Do for You

Marigold’s business mailing lists have proven effective by leading companies like Pitney Bowes, IBM and Microsoft. Contact Marigold today to learn more about a customized direct marketing list solution to support your B2B campaign.

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